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Caring for wool
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Caring for wool

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Wool has its natural features that wool is natually stain resistant,odour resistant and also crease resistant, so actually it requires less washing. 

But when you really need to clean your wool products, you can either wash them in a washing machine or hand wash gentlely.

Its always a good habit to read the care instruction on the wool products before you start to wash. Every wool product supplier sew care instruction for his customers. Here are some basic care instructions for the wool products:

It is recommended that using a neutral, mild and gentle detergent.

If you want to wash in a washing machine, make sure your washing machine have wool cycle mode and apply with it. After finish washing, do not tumble dry with it and better flat dried.

If the care lable indicate hand-wash only, keep the water temperature around 30℃,use the neutral detergent and soak for ten miniutes and gentle wash with cold water.

Wool products are also recommended professional dry-cleaning, this will set you free from the laundry!

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